Lopari Camping


Camp Lopari is an ideal place for those who wish to enjoy a mix of the sea, the sun, an active vacation, enjoy moments with the family and remain close to historical and cultural facilities. The seaside location between the historic town of Osor and fishing village Nerezine is situated at the foot of the Osoršćica mountain, and offers a rich combination of possibilities for your leisure. You will find relaxing moments in Lopari whether you arrive by camper, caravan or a car, or whether you plan your accommodation in a tent, mobile home or apartment that is part of the Lopari camp. Numerous guests faithfully return to the camp each year and regular additions to the facilities attracts new, future guests who inevitably become permanent. 

The Mediterranean vegetation inside the camp offers a pleasant refreshment and shade for an afternoon of rest on the lounges, providing happy memories for the rest of the year. For nature lovers, every walk around the camp and surroundings will be a chance to enjoy the flora and fauna, views and scent of the island. Climbing the nearby Osoršćica mountain will leave you breathless, but not only because of the ascent, but also for the view of the whole archipelago. However, the luckiest will be the lovers of the sea and recreational swimming because the farthest position in the camp is only 70 meters from the sea.

And the beach? The beach is lined with pebbles and 800 meters long. One part has maintained its natural shape, while others have been adapted for children so you can watch them playing without a worry. For those who like to try new things during the holiday there is a surfing school where you can finally find out if this sport is really for you.

The camp welcomes all pets who have their own section on the beach and sanitary facilities. Visitors with pets can choose to stay in their own accommodation, but also in apartments and mobile homes.



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